The Sunnah forbids creating girlfriends or men

These ayat and ahadith obviously suggest that it is haram (prohibited) for men to have almost any friendship or union with non-mahram girls (girls to who they are not closely-related and also to whom they were able to become partnered)

Among the list of tales that demonstrate that it’s forbidden having girlfriends or perhaps to get married all of them could be the tale of Marthad ibn Abi Marthad, exactly who always smuggle Muslim prisoners-of-war from Makkah to Madinah. There was clearly a prostitute in Makkah, also known as aˆ?Anaq, who was simply a pal of Marthad’s. Marthad have guaranteed to take among prisoners from Makkah to Madinah. He mentioned: aˆ?I came to the color of just one of the landscapes of Makkah on a moonlit evening, then aˆ?Anaq arrived and spotted my personal shadow of the landscaping. When she achieved me, she acknowledged me and mentioned: aˆ?Marthad?’ we mentioned, aˆ?Marthad.’ She mentioned: aˆ?Welcome! Stay with you this evening.’ We stated, aˆ?O aˆ?Anaq, Allah have forbidden zina (unlawful intimate relations)’ … I involved the Messenger of Allah (serenity and blessings of Allah be upon him) and asked your, aˆ?O Messenger of Allah, should I get married aˆ?Anaq?’ The Messenger of Allah (tranquility and blessings of Allah be upon your) remained quiet and would not address me personally whatsoever, up until the ayah aˆ?Let no man guilty of adultery or fornication marry any but a female similarly guilty, or an unbeliever; nor allow any but such one or an unbeliever marry these a woman; to the believers anything try forbidden’ [al-Nur 24:3 aˆ“ Yusuf aˆ?Ali’s interpretation] was actually announced. Then the Messenger of Allah (tranquility and blessings of Allah be upon your) said: aˆ?O chat room british Marthad, Let no man responsible for adultery or fornication marry any but a woman in the same way guilty, or an unbeliever; nor leave any but such one or an unbeliever marry this type of a lady, so don’t wed the lady.’aˆ? (Reported by al-Tirmidhi, 3101; the guy stated: it is a hasan gharib hadith).

aˆ?Abd-Allah ibn Mughaffal stated that there is a woman who had been a prostitute during the days of lack of knowledge (before Islam). Men passed away by this lady, or she passed away by your, and he moved the girl. She mentioned: aˆ?Stop it! (Mah! A word connoting a rebuke or denunciation). Allah has done away with shirk along with produced Islam.aˆ? So he remaining the lady by yourself and moved away, nonetheless taking a look at their, until the guy strolled into a wall, hitting their face. He stumbled on the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and told him what had taken place. The Prophet (serenity and blessings of Allah end up being upon your) stated: aˆ?You become a person for who Allah desires great. Whenever Allah, may the guy getting gifted and exalted, wishes best for their slave, He hastens the abuse for their sin, which makes it handled before the day’s Resurrection.aˆ? (Reported by al-Hakim, 1/349, who mentioned this hadith try sahih according to the ailments of Muslim, and al-Dhahabi agreed with him. Discover Sahih al-Jami’, 308).

The ruling having girlfriends and men in Islam

The wicked consequences and distress as a result of this type of connections are clear to anyone who notices true to life. A similar concern has-been expected under #2085 .

We inquire Allah to help keep you distant from whatever try forbidden, to protect us from all that may make their wrath in order to hold you safe from a painful punishment. upset.

aˆ?Let no man accountable for fornication or adultery marry any but a woman equally accountable, or an unbeliever: nor allow any but these types of a man or an unbeliever marry this type of a female: towards believers any such thing are prohibited.aˆ? [al-Nur 24:3]

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